Here at Avesse we are offering a complete solution from hosting to design to final development and deployment. We offer the ability to build out any project on your servers or ours but our speciality is ground up redesigns of initial build out of websites. We look to integrate social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google when appropriate. We are also developing technolgies and solutions that work across a number of devices and platforms including mobile devices, tablets, and the traditional desktop.

Custom Web Sites

Avesse's main offering is our design and development of custom web sites and web based projects. We provide a full solution for our clients from initial consultation to design concepts, logo development, code build out, social media plan, all the way through launch and then maintaining and updating your site.

The Process

When a client starts a project with us, we typically do an initial consultation (in person, over the phone, Skype etc) to determine the needs of the project and it's intial scope. This generally provides the information necessary to generate quote and a contract.

Once an approved contract is in place we start to do design concepts. We work closely with the client to determine what color pallet, fonts, themes etc the design should have.

Once a design is choosen we generate a site where the client can go and visit to see progress as it is built out. The site is not available to the public but allows the client to login and access it as milestones get completed.

Once the site reaches a point called Beta, it can be released to other testers to make sure the site works on all approved devices, platforms and browsers.

When all bugs have been fixed it is time to schedule a launch date. When that date comes we set a specific time and then the site and all it's files go live. After the site is live we will push the sitemaps to the search engines and do other optimization to get your site noticed.

Finally, we setup a time about 30 days later to get together and do a debrief and get feedback on the entire process. This not only helps our process get better but the next time we interact it should get even better and smoother.

Client Center

Our Client Center is a place for our clients to login and manage their account with us. When a client begins a project with us, they are given a client login that allows them to access the Client Center. From there they can do several things to manage and update their account as well as being able to interact with Avesse.

In the Client Center they can

  • Manage their account information including address, phone number, email address, password and more
  • Review, comment, and approve contracts and other terms and conditions
  • Make invoice payments
  • See history of previous project and their documentation
  • Review design mock ups provided for specific project and then provide feedback on those designs till they are approved
  • Ability to review development sites where their site is being built
  • And more

Getting a Quote

If you'd like to see how we could help build your online presence or update your current one, please visit our "Get A Quote" page. It is a short simple form and we will contact you quickly to give you the information and figures you need to make a decision. Click here to visit our Get A Quote page.